Surfside Beach Van Life

And week 2 is here. 

So we spent the last week or so traveling through Galveston, TX and ending up in Surfside Beach, TX.  

We had a hell of a time trying to keep the sand out. Water and never ending sand just don’t make a great combination. By the end of the week, our van was looking like more of a shit storm than a home. Sand had managed its way into every crevice and the air was extremely damp. Humidity measuring in at 95%. Not great conditions when you’re trying to keep it clean. However, 60-70 degree weather on a beach sounds amazing compared to Iowa’s -30 wind chill. So — we aren’t complaining. 

Yeah. We know it’s totally not safe to cook right on your carpet flooring but hey we have a fire extinguisher. Not sure I know how to use it but I’m sure a college degree would help me figure it out. And the food tasted delicious with a little singed carpeting. 

The weather and the water wasn’t ideal for swimming in but we, of course, think we are hardcore so we bought ‘spring wet suits.’ Not sure what we were buying into but two wetsuits and two body boards later we were melting some expensive plastic at $300. 

We, being the cheap asses we are, decided to try Walmart or Academy Sports for a cheaper option. However, when we asked both places if they had wetsuits, they gave us a look like “are you f*cking crazy? We won’t have those in until March at least.”

So back to the only surf shop in town. We were definitely getting the tourist ripoff discount. 

Naturally, we vowed to use our wet suits every day no matter how cold it got. You best believe we are gonna get our money’s worth. 

But easier said than done. It was freezing and our toes instantly went numb while our calves cramped up it was so cold. At least the sun was out. Well, 5 minutes ago it went behind some clouds. So now we’re really freezing our asses off. 

We even coughed up a little for this luxury at this place called Rita’s To-Go. And it was a life changing daiquiri. However, the alcohol was a little weak but it tastes delicious. Who knew you could have a little business like this? 

I will say, there wasn’t much to do at Surfside Beach. There was one bar, 2 restaurants, 2 surf shops and a convenient store. Not too much happening. But we made the best of it. 

We spent one day in town grocery shopping, thrift store shopping, and cleaning the northern salt off the van for the first time. 

And since the wildcard NFL games were on, The Beard wanted to go to a sports bar to watch the games. However, that left us with one bar to go to and when we walked out, we smelt like our clothes were cleaned with a dirty ashtray instead of laundry detergent. 

With little to do, it left us plenty of time for reading, napping, cooking, and walking. We have been known to finish an entire novel in one day. And some days we clock 15 miles of walking while others are a mere 2.5 miles. It averages out though, right? And other times I have been known to justify eating a Hershey’s bar because there are almonds in it so I know it’s healthy. Or maybe not, it just leaves me with less guilt. 

Though there wasn’t much to do we did, however, meet our first van life couple from Quebec. They are super awesome! We both shared our experiences so far and got to look at each other’s vans. Theirs was sick!

They even had two dogs! Georgia was feeling a little lonely from not having anyone to play with. We talked to Stephanie and Ian and shared our favorite tips and places to go. Stephanie is working on opening up her own business to teach people about edible gardens and Ian works in construction building houses. 

But like I said, there wasn’t much to do. So, we packed up and are heading even more south. We’re looking for some more developed beaches to dirty our van up a little more before she gets a bath. 

Surfside Beach, TX review:

The on beach parking was absolutely FREE. However, you could only park between beach access 2-4. Otherwise there was a yearly $12 permit. The weather was great, water could have been warmer, and we would have liked more things to do. If we had to rate it out of 5 we would probably give it a 2. There was a beach, nice weather, and free parking but nothing else really around. Oh and watch out for the rattle snakes. They hide out all over the dune and you park your van right up against them so your late night pee might turn into an emergency room visit. Watch your goodies. 

With love,

The Beard + The Bohemian

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