Week 3 of Van Life

It’s been a hell of a relaxing week on the beaches of Texas. You can’t complain too much when the sand is pushing up through your toes and the sun is lighting up your face. Well then again, if your toes are getting torn up and you haven’t seen the sun in 4 days, then maybe you can complain, but just a little. But I promise you — we had more than our fair share of fun. I’m just holding out on the good stuff.

I can’t tell you where we’re at yet because well…we like our spots to stay secret until we leave. We don’t want too many people invading our space like we’re famous or something. Don’t get me wrong. We like people but we also like our space and privacy. Ahum***you midwesters that seem to stop at our van and talk to us for hours every day just because we are from Iowa. Sometimes a ‘hi’ would do it. And most times, we haven’t even heard of the city your from. But apparently we’re friendly people because we attract people to our rusted out van at least twice a day. And if we haven’t learned one thing from the original hippies — it’s that we apparently have too much shit in our van. But they also neglect the fact that they are a single person living in a van as we are two people with a big ass dog.

We met one original hippie from Canada that lives in his van and tries to meet women to mooch off of and then he continues to tell us we have way too much shit. Not cool bro! I don’t remember asking for your advice. I guess you never know who you’re gonna meet in van life. And she still thinks she is a pup. But she did find some friends at the dog park and when we were cleaning out our van. He’s a big ol boy with a lot of testosterone running through him that Georgia was having none of his shit.

Anyways, back to cleaning out our van. That was an experience. We’ve been living on beaches for the last two weeks and sand is in every damn crevice of the van. People say it takes them 15 minutes to clean the van. That’s funny because it took us two hours to empty out the van, vacuum it, and put it all back together. Let me tell you — this is a bitch of a task. And yes you will spend a beautiful day cleaning all your shit out because otherwise everything would get wet. I’ll even include a video of me vacuuming our bed just for your amusement. ​

And again, we realize we have too much shit and need to stop frequenting thrift stores. My personal weakness. We have enough already! 

But it hasn’t all been bad (minus the four days of rain and sand being EVERYWHERE). We’ve had great times. We watched sand belt races, as if we weren’t already redneck enough. We’ve body boarded our asses off until our toes were raw and peeling. We’ve walked and walked everywhere, which I can’t tell you how much I love the fact that anywhere we go we can walk there. (Definitely something we need to consider when looking for a place to settle down.)And of course we visited an old fashioned candy shop and made coffee fresh from the battery. 

We’ve worked out with our water jugs and then used those same water jugs to build a formal dining table. We had some fresh shrimp and we pounded a gluten free buffet (don’t worry it was only veggie pizza) Don’t judge us people! We aren’t 100% vegan yet. We’re still working on that. But we’re doing just fine without a fridge and aren’t even using our cooler. 

And then we thought, ehh maybe we should shower. It’s been at least a week. Yeah we’re gross. But we found a Planet Fitness and showered and then the most amazing thing happened. We found Sprouts Farmer’s Market. It was like the vegan gods were watching over us that day. It was like a produce shit storm of happiness. You wanted purple sweet potatoes – you got purple sweet potatoes. You wanted rainbow carrots – you better damn well believe you got rainbow carrots. And the prices were the lowest I have ever seen on produce. 

So ya we worked that cashier’s fingers to no end and we ended up will hella good produce. Making me extra happy. And we’re going back next week and probs the week after that. Once I get an obsession, you better watch out I’m like a groupie at a rock concert. I don’t take no for an answer. I want my produce. Damn it and I’m gonna get it! 

Well y’all are gonna have to wait at least another week to find out where we’re staying because we aren’t leaving. But we know you’ll be back to read our blog. 

Ya we like to have fun every now and then. Until next week — we’re gonna find some cool shit to do. 

With love,

The Beard + The Bohemian 

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