Week 4 Van Life

We have officially made it a month on the road. I’ll take this time to congratulate ourselves. A lot has happened this week. 

From sandy beaches straight into the city of San Antonio, we made it. But only with the help of a tow truck. While we were headed for Austin, we were jamming to some classic rock and dreaming up our perfect place to call home. And while we’re cruising along, I happen to pass a truck and look into my side mirror. The conversation goes as follows:

“Honey! Are we smoking?!”

“Holy shit! We’re smoking!”

“Omg! Should I pull off?”

And then a bunch of explicitness comes flying out of my mouth. We grab the phone, the wallets, and the dog. When we look underneath the van, fluid is just pouring out all over as the muffler is smoking. This has to be a good sign, right?

And this is when you say, “Welcome to van life.” These are the true untold stories of van life. But it seems that all van lifers have some sort of major van issue. The engine, the transmission, etc. at least we budgeted for issues like this. That is until we realized we weren’t only paying for a replacement transmission. Since our van is sitting in a locked up shop, we had to fork up major bucks for hotels. And The Beard wouldn’t let me take any pictures of the van sitting at the auto shop because the wound was just too sore at the time. 

We walked to the closest and cheapest dog friendly motel and got a room for a painstaking $93. And that was the cheapest night. If we wanted to stay in that hotel for the rest of the weekend while our van got fixed, it went well over $150 a night! Dude, we haven’t paid a dime practically to stay anywhere so far. I was not going to pay that price. 

But that single night in downtown San Antonio did let us explore the Hispanic culture a bit. 

This little guy will only set you back $360.

Inside the city, the hotels were costing us triple the price outside. So, I made The Beard hike 8 miles before we called an Uber to take us the extra five miles. 

And so here we sit, paying money for a hotel and food because we can’t cook either. We are so sick of eating out and having shitty wi-fi. But switching rooms has solved the latter of the two. At least we’ll be getting frequent showers and running water for the next few days. 

And then we found Wine Total. Lucky for us we found it on Saturday where they were sampling wine and vodka. Yes! Time to get drunk for free! And then, because the store was so bad ass, we bought some beers and ciders to try out. We spent well over an hour in the store taking pictures, making ourselves look ridiculous, and trying to find the most inappropriate designs on the bottles because — well, we’re immature and not gonna apologize for it. 

Must be a bitch of a beer 🍻 jk jk

HGTV has been over watched, as well as ESPN. We walk to get food but there isn’t much to do other than eat out and shop. Two of our not so favorite things to do. 

We can’t wait to escape into the woods. At least we had 3 weeks on the beaches of Port Aransas before all this mess happened. 

Keep your fingers crossed; we’re hoping Nina will be done tomorrow and we can hit the open road. We’re still waiting on the used transmission to be transported. We’ve felt trapped and need to get out. Hopefully New Mexico has beautiful things to offer.

Until next week, don’t think all of van life is a story book ending with glamorous pictures and not a care in the world. Let’s hope this is the last of our hiccups for our trip. 

We’ll see what next week brings us. I may need a fortune cookie to help us out. Here’s to optimism!

With love,

The Beard + The Bohemian 

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