Farmhouse Tables + Vintage Campers

Well, well, well. It looks like I finally have a day to write a blog post. Things have been super crazy over here, though we can’t complain. That means business is Tony the Tiger GREEEEEEAT!


I thought I would let everyone in on what we’ve been up to. And, honestly, I don’t know if you’re ready because we can’t even keep our projects straight or our eyes for that matter.


The Beard and I just moved into our adorbs tiny house (technically small house) and are working hard to make it our home. That, however, costs money to decorate and renovate. It’s one thing spending money on renovations, but decor is what makes a home come to life. It represents the people that share the home, the animals who sleep endless hours there, and warmth that can be felt from even the furthest of strangers.

And that’s when I get really excited! Spending money to bohemianize the place! Not sure if that’s a word but we’re just gonna add that one to the dictionary. Now I have to stop buying stuff because demolition can really destroy things, so I am trying very hard to put my wallet away and dig into demo.


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We are on a little hold up with the house because our business has taken off and we moved into the house along with mice that have been dwelling for some time. I guess that’s what happens when you buy an acre and the house has been vacant all winter.

We need to tear down the ceiling but the cat and dog have managed to scare the mice up into the attic. I would rather get rid of the mice before they come crashing down on my face with their feces flying like little rain pellets. Not my kind of party confetti.

The Beard has been super manly and started trapping them and taking care of that situation. Thankfully, I have him and he is willing to stick his head up into the attic knowing that a partially dead mouse could be inches from his face. I’m good. I’ll sit that one out. And then tell him how good he looks doing it 😉

Then, we are going to have our insulation guy come over and suck all the insulation out, along with the mice droplets, before we start tearing down the ceilings. It’s game on after that!

While we’re waiting to catch all those little shits, we really started expanding our furniture business, mostly selling tables and benches. There have been 16 hour days straight for weeks at a time. And finally, since the weather has been so shitty and we don’t have our workshop yet, I have time to write this blog post.

Our hobby has turned into a full fledged business and we couldn’t be happier. The way peoples eyes light up when they see their tables in their home is priceless. And we try and make our furniture as affordable as possible because we want to spread the love with as many people as we can.

To us, a dining room table is for families to gather, memories to be shared, and dessert to be eaten first. If we can bring that amount of love into someone’s home, we want to be a part of it.

To top off the business and renovating our home, The Beard surprised me with a vintage camper. Torn to shit — my favorite condition! That means less demo for us and super cheap price tag. He brought it home, held together with straps and tie downs as my blood pressure rose to boiling waiting for him to make it home safe.

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Along with our house, we are going to renovate the camper into a more rustic/lumberjack feel and rent them out on AirBnB.

Did I mention we are building a huge garden?


Alright. That’s enough for today because we’re going to spend the rest of this rainy day inside, cuddling, watching movies, eating ice cream, and reading. We think it’s a well deserved rest day!

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