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For those of you who follow us on Instagram — we thank you and we’re leaving our gypsy vibes behind for a little while. And I also, not so apologetically, need to update you all about our newest addition to the fam. If you haven’t seen me blowing up Instagram for the past two weeks, well then, you need to check us out @thebeardandthebohemian DO IT!


We got an email from a very nice girl wanting an island made for her kitchen. Most of the tables we make need delivered. And this lovely lady was in Kalona, IA — an hour from here. That didn’t stop us from delivering but we were also on the hunt for a pup to be best buds with Georgia Peaches.

Thank you Craigslist for referring numerous people to us and our website and also to our precious little Saint Bernard, who also happened to be in Kalona, IA. Josie Mae — weighing in the heavyweight division at over 30 lbs. at 11 weeks and growing like a weed in the garden. STOP GROWING! You’re too cute to be 180 lbs. yet!

This little, or rather hefty bundle of joy has been a blessing. She is now new best friends with the cat Bobo — who quite honestly hates her but that doesn’t stop her from trying to ‘play’ with him. I don’t think Bobo would call it that. It’s more of a ‘tolerate until I want to smack you across the face. And so I do while I hiss at you to stay away.’

Anyways, potty training is a real bitch. Georgia had one accident in the house the entire time we have had her. ONE! Not two, not three, one. Man did she spoil us! This one, Josie Mae, pees herself when we come home she gets so excited to see our modelesque faces. One minute she is passed out on her bed, or Georgia’s bed that she has taken over, and the next second she is pooping and peeing like a bat out of hell trying to mark her territory all over our front bedroom. Okay — that’s probably too much poop talk so I’ll stop but you dog owners know it’s the truth with some pups.

But we take her on big long walks with her sister and they have even started playing together. Now, Georgia gets a little too aggressive sometimes and we have to tell her to calm down, but I secretly think she knows Josie will get bigger than her and now is the time to beat the piss out of her. Okay — really, she’s not that mean she just loves to play!

How can you not love those face? They make it really hard to yell at them.


And The Beard has started yet another endeavor — pigeons. Well, I’ll tell you I wasn’t the least bit pleased when we had only been into our house for a week or two when The Beard’s uncle came to our booth at an animal swap meet and told me The Beard had bought 19 pigeons. Who the hell does that? He didn’t even know the first thing about them, but lucky for him his uncle knows a whole hell of a lot about them.


I will say, The Beard has never led me in the wrong direction financially so here we go. And so now we are known as breeders of pigeons. Who knew that was a thing? I guess we’re checking that one off the bucket list (though that really wasn’t on there in the first place). But The Beard did make a really bad ass pigeon coop for the birds.

It started out as an amazing farmhouse table made out of all really old reclaimed wood, turned into pigeon coop and quite possibly in the future — chicken coop. That’s more my jam but The Beard was pretty happy about his new purchases and his building skills. So, I have to give it to him.


So, now I’m pretty sure that makes us official homesteaders. An acre of land, a cat, 2 dogs, some pigeons, and a big ass garden. Yep. Sounds legit. ๐Ÿ˜‰


That’s enough for now. We have our hands full. Next up — miniature goats or maybe a miniature donkey! Too bad we still live within city limits ๐Ÿ™

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  1. Wow, GOOD LUCK with everything! The puppy is absolutely adorable so is her sister. Take care and enjoy your fun life..


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