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Normally, I would give you updates on puppies and kittens — quite possibly pigeons or even the gifted bunny (named Barbie) but that’s for another day. Today, it’s all about living an eco-friendly, green life! And one that we are becoming more obsessed with by the minute. Go vegan, vegetarions, hippies, and all ya’ll earth lovin people! We love you and want to contribute to the cause.

Since we have moved into our house, we have been making major gains in creating a more self-sustaining life. Geeking out like usual. No we aren’t preppers or zombie ambassadors that shout, ‘The Zombies are coming!’ or ‘There will be NUCLEAR WARFARE! You just watch out!’

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We just enjoy taking care of the earth. I mean — we only have one of her and we don’t want to piss the bitch off. Though, as of lately, our world has been doing a pretty good job at that, ourselves included. We aren’t hunters and gatherers, but have been making enormous changes to better this ever decreasing green world.

So, we want to be the ones to cheer her up and make her flowers bloom again. And quite honestly, we think she is one beautiful bitch.

In honor of a really late Earth Day, I wanted to write a post of ways we are ever so slowly moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle. And we want to bring you along for the journey because we think it’s important.

Some of these will be easy for us and some more of a challenge. We understand that most things, especially difficult ones, can’t be conquered overnight — unless you’re The Beard and can man-handle a 16 ft camper with your bare hands. I told you, he provides the brute force and the manly biceps. Ya I’m gonna brag a little cuz I’m ever so in love with that man.

Okay, so how are we making our life more sustainable? I have devised a list of the top umpteen things we are doing around the house and hope you can do the same.

Don’t mind the tearing-painted over wallpaper or the dirty dishes. That’s how I roll.

1.Stop using plastic! Seriously, it’s terrible for all of us and the earth. Did you know it takes over 400 years for one ‘disposable’ plastic water bottle to decompose. That’s bullshit! That isn’t decomposable. That’s like putting a gun to Mother Earth’s head. I won’t even mention recycling because yes we should all do it, but we need to find better ways to eliminate extra waste.

2. Grow your own food. Honestly, I am the blackest thumb and this year — our first year of gardening and I have even gotten some sprouts, especially green beans and peas. Looks like we’ll be eating a lot of those if nothing else shows up. And trust me, I have even taught kindergartners how to grow vegetables — that actually started sprouting. You can do this. It’s saving us money, we’re healthier, and Mother Earth will hopefully thank us with richer soil and more crop production each year.

3. Cook from scratch. This covers like 57 billion things in one. It will cut down on processed food, eliminate packaging and plastic waste, and will stop the overgrowth of factory productions. My arteries are thanking me.

4. Meat is not our source of protein. The Beard and I rarely eat meat, maybe once a month. That’s once out of 84 meals — if that. Animal production is not only terrible for the environment and our renewable resources, but no one should have to be shoved through gates and pushed into a slaughter house only to be skinned alive or watch as their babies are slaughtered just before them. But I’ll stop lecturing about meat production. And my hormones love me for not throwing free radicals down my throat while my entire body goes into a shit storm.


Throwback to Vegan Van Life!

5. Go vegans go! Our favs. Okay, we aren’t 100% vegan, but with the exception of the occasional meat (from family gatherings so we don’t seem rude), and ice cream (because sorry I’m obsessed with mint chocolate chip) we are roughly 95% vegan. And The Beard loves it! We feel so much better, care about what we eat, and how we live on this earth. Mother Nature is my girl!

Pretty much everything in our living room has been thrifted or fifth generation hand-me-downs.

6. Get your thrift on. This one tends to get me in lots of trouble with The Beard because I’m like, ‘Oh I’m only going to pick up a few plant pots at the local thrift store.’ Only to later return and say, ‘Oops can you help me unload cuz I got a full truck load of shit I can’t live without?’ Guilty as charged. But seriously, secondhand is awesome! Sometimes free and mostly cheap, you can find some amazing pieces that bring character back into our homes, wardrobes, and lives. Me gusta! I can turn any grandma sweater into a sexy little dress (or so I think) HAHA. And I really do use everything I buy. It may not be its intended purpose, but I find use in it.


7. House plants everywhere. Like jungalow style. I mean like your floors and shit better be covered with greenery. Ivy up the walls — no problem. Hanging plants in your shower — sure, why not. Have you ever heard of a moss bathroom floor mat? I might try it — I’m that obsessed with houseplants. And I can’t stop buying them. I’m pretty sure I need to start making a budget just so I don’t go into credit card debt with my plant vibes runnin through my veins. It’s like coffee for the soul. But, they clean the air, boost our mood, and give our house a bad ass bohemian style. So for now, I will keep charging that plastic and make room for more plants in my life. And my guests may not have a seat at my house but my plants will always have their place. Promise — I’m not anti-social.

8. Use it up, make it do, or do without. Ya I know you’ve heard this one from the great depression babies. But ya’ll better listen. Grams and Gramps know what’s up. It will save you money, keep things out of landfills, and make you more creative. I know you think I’m crazy when I say the last one but you never know what you can dream up. We don’t have a rolling pin — we use an old wine bottle that I actually had to empty out into a glass for myself just so The Beard could use it to make some bomb ass naan bread. A cooler has been used as our dining room tables. A tie can surely be a 140 lb mastiff’s walking leash. Go get down with your bad artsy self.

9. Buy in bulk. This is the one we are working on. We just got a place in town called Fresh Thyme and I haven’t been there yet but I heard it’s the perfect grocery store for a tree huggin, earth lovin kind of girl like me! So, I’ll bring my glass jars and reusable shopping bags with me and dance down the isles like I’m in some kind of hippy heaven.

10. Compost like you mean it. OR have your bunny do it. Insert Barbie. Barbie can compost rotten lettuce faster than we can feed her. Granted we can’t give her all our scraps or she would be 100 lbs. so we also have a composting hole that we will use on our garden with the rabbit manure. I know gross! But it’s totally normal and healthy for our plants. Anything we can compost, it goes in the bin and The Beard empties it out for me. Here’s to another year’s garden being bomb.

So no we aren’t perfect, but our goal is to work towards providing ourselves a more sustainable lifestyle that gives Mother Nature a little boost of love in her grassy roots.

And why yes, we do build new tables — we build them to last decades. We build our tables in hopes of them being family heirlooms. Our products aren’t broke before they come out of their box with their particle board oozing formaldehyde in your face before you even get to the assembly instructions. So yes, our furniture business might seem a hypocrisy, but we have a goal in mind. These are meant to last lifetimes, like the old days!

Okay, so remember when I said use it up, make it do, or do without? And if you didn’t you better go back up and read #8. Well, this is serious. As I write this post I am using a laptop charger that isn’t strong enough for it to charge while my computer is on and in use so I seriously need to end this post because otherwise all this work will be wasted for nothing and I don’t like wasting time.

So here are our top 10 ways we are being more eco-friendly in our home. How do you live sustainably and earth friendly in your home?

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