Bohemian Vibes in the Bedroom

I cannot tell you how much I love thrift store shopping. Many people think it’s below them, disgusts them, or they really think they can’t find anything worth buying. Well — I would say our bedroom is non living proof that you really can make a home beautiful from secondhand stores. 

There are two reasons I started shopping at local thrift stores like Salvation Army (my favsssss) and Goodwill. The first being that everything is super super cheap and if you stick to the colors that are half off it’s like you’re buying things for 25 cents and your house looks amaze balls. 

The second and most important reason I started shopping there is because I (and The Beard) believe in taking care of our environment and protecting it. Without stores like these, our landfills would take over towns and cities. And we would be left with big giant smelly dirt mounds to stare at. Every item you buy at a secondhand store prevents another item from being made and in turn another item not going into a landfill. Our economy is no longer sustainable. We change wardrobes every third time we wear something. Home decor lasts no more than two years and we’re onto the next ‘grey is the new black’ phase. And the cycle just continues. 

Pretty much everything in this room is secondhand. There are 3 items that are not. Those include a new mattress (because I really couldn’t do a used one. I know what goes on in people’s beds. Ewwww), our hanging light, and the area rug.

If you can find a large area rug at a thrift store — I give you a fist bump 👊🏻 and a Waldo point. Because I seriously can’t find them anywhere. And secondly, we have two dogs who really really like to shed and love up on us. So we needed a rug that would still be cleanable but also hide their disgustingly enormous amounts of hair they seem to shake off every day. 

So that leaves everything from the blanket and pillow cases to the Russian nesting dolls and Native American painting that have all been bought from Salvation Army or Goodwill ( and maybe a handful of items were found at a couple garage sales). 

The other exception being my beloved house plants. I cant turn down a beautiful living creature and a sale makes it all the better. Thank you thrift stores for your beautiful pots. With plants all around you, how can you not feel happier, more energized?

I take pride in transforming a room from dead and boring or downright horrifying — depending on the house you buy — and turning it into a global and cultural sensation. Colors may change but culture is buried deep within us. It identifies us, it defines us, and it enriches us. 

So yes, I am an interior designer –and BY NO MEANS IS THIS ROOM COMPLETED — but I encourage all of you to shop secondhand and embrace culture because after all a smile and kindness are the same in every language. 

Help me save Mother Nature and unite the people that make up this earth. 

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