Why we went ‘tiny’


So I can’t really say we went tiny. I mean we still have 567 sq ft (and a basement the same size shhhhh) but lezzzz be honest. In today’s world, that’s like someone else’s master bath.

Okay really, if your bathroom is that big — you need to invite me over for a spa day, maybe even a mud bath.

And I write this as I watch Tiny House Living on HGTV (The Beard and I’s first time ever having cable since we’ve been together — bingeing out hard and feeling super guilty about it) where the client is choosing a house under 100 sq ft. I’m feeling a little inadequate in the tiny home community.

But then again, everyone we tell that our house is under 600 sq ft, people’s eyes go popping out of their heads without saying the words. And we do a little silent cheer because we love our house and if you would come over — you would see why it’s so amazing.


First off, not just any tiny or small house will do. I mean it has to be the right one for you and your family. If you love to bake, a full size kitchen is probably up high on the list of priorities. But if you haven’t made more than burnt cookies in your life and frozen pizza is your weekend boyfriend, well then a deep freezer will suffice.

Me — I love to bake cupcakes and I practically cook every meal from scratch. So ya! I need a kitchen. But that doesn’t mean I need an industrial sized walk-in cooler with a 6 burner stove. We’re actually working on downsizing our appliances once we remodel our kitchen. A full sized refrigerator and stove really isn’t necessary for us.


We have two really big dogs. When I say REALLY BIG, I mean like really big. Our English Mastiff is 2 years old ( she was our first big girl). Then, coming in second at just 7 months is our jack-in-the-beanstock big ol’ Saint Bernard. We thought a mastiff would be big at 115 lbs. Can you believe a Saint Bernard could weigh 75 lbs at 7 months? And I’m sure that’s even on the light side of most S.B.’s because we picked the runt. HAHAHA why would they even say a Saint Bernard is a runt?

FullSizeR (57).jpg

So, how does this relate to our really tiny house?

Well, those dogs need a lot of room to move and our house clearly isn’t going to provide that. So, we needed a really big backyard for really big dogs. Then, we found a perfect little tiny house up on a bluff, surrounded by trees and our hearts started to melt. Our lot is roughly 1 acre with 3/4ths of it being a very steep ravine that is heavily wooded. That doesn’t help our dogs very much but it gives us the much needed privacy. We only have one neighbor so we feel like we’re out in our own little world (plus we’re adding shit loads of trees on that side for more privacy). Basically, my goal is to have a house where blinds aren’t really a necessity. And the yard is plenty big enough for our dogs considering we take them 5+ days a week hiking for 2-5 miles at a time. Don’t question if a mastiff or a saint bernard can hike? It’s been proven. But I would probably keep them off the Appalachian Trail. Oops!

Throwback to puppy days!

Secondly, we needed a space for a garden. Since this is our first year and we’re totally learning on the fly and we bought our house at the end of planting season — well, don’t judge our garden or I will throw some rocky dirt at you. Nevertheless, we got our measly garden fenced and planted. Until that is, a 50 ft tree fell on it. A chainsaw fixed that problem so we’re admiring our penny sized heirloom tomatoes popping up.


But, the main reason we bought such a small home is because when we have kids, we want everyone to be super close. No one has their own quarters to resign to at the end of the day. Our children will be forced to play outside because clearly our house isn’t big enough to play tag in. Though, I’m sure they will still try to find a way to do that. And when you get mad, you can’t run away. It forces you to confront any issues and effectively communicate through them. We honestly believe a smaller home will make our family closer.

Now, we know when a bunch of minions start popping up like crazy, this house probably won’t be big enough. However, we have plans for that. Eventually, we will build our dream home where we can support a large family and I can also have a greenhouse/bathhouse! We love flipping houses and would love to make our forever home a previously well loved home but we have our hearts set on a cobblestone home on some acreage. It will be like you walked straight over from Ireland into our home. Those style of homes are a little limited here in Iowa. So, we’re pretty sure we will have to build. Though we’re a little torn because of course a repurposed home would be much more green but we are going to try and repurpose as much as we possibly can in our dream home.

The last reason we bought a tiny home is because we love, love, love to travel. And with our business, we can pick up and go wherever and whenever we want. We don’t want to leave a huge home behind that we have to worry about. P.S. we just found some flights to Paris for $440!!!!!! We may be booking it. JK — we have too many animals!


Who knows? We’re just so excited about the possibilities this lifestyle has afforded us.

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