Penny Pinching for the Homestead

If you haven’t read my two part series of Homesteading for Cheapskates, you can read it here and here. And if you are a super devoted follower — I love you and you can just keep on reading!

This post I wanted to focus on ways you can save change or even dollars on the homestead or work towards saving for that dreamstead. It doesn’t sound like much but put a few quarters together and soon you’re walking around the thrift store like you own the joint with your coin sack and all. Been there, done that. Ain’t ashamed. And then I slowly become remorseful because I could have been spending that money on feed, food staples, or other improvements on the homestead.

So let’s hit it before your sacred tv show comes on, you have to do the dishes, or the kids wake up making any excuse to get out of bed.


Learn to repair things yourself.

Okay this one may be saving you pennies or it may be saving you thousands. From mending clothing to repairing tractors, it can all be done. We might not all have the skill sets currently, but let us be thrown to the wolves and I’m sure we’ll figure it out with a hatchet, a wrench, or some butter. And if not — you probably aren’t any worse off. It’s already broken.

The Beard’s uncle once said, “I watched my parents fix things with duct tape. If I just fix it right the first time, I won’t have to spend more time and more money fixing it the second and third time.” (He has repaired helicopters, barns, homes, and the envious list goes on)

Home Improvement

I’m just gonna let ya’ll in on a little secret. Roofing a house, outbuilding, or pen is like the easiest thing ever if the pitch isn’t too steep. If you can put a hammer to a nail. OR maybe The Beard just makes it look easy. Just talk to a local roofing supplier and they can honestly tell you from start to finish what you need to do.

Even replacing a toilet, while it may be disgusting and a job for the hubs, can literally be done in 30 minutes. My advice — just keep micromanaging him while he is doing it so he does it faster and you can stop bitching at him. The Beard puts up with a lot from me and that’s one of the many reasons I love him so. Micromanaging is in my blood. I can’t help it (sometimes).

Mending clothing, shoes, furniture

Mending clothing can really stretch the life of your beloved cat sweater. And no I’m not hating on you cat lovers because I am a total cat lady at heart.


When it comes to cooking, almost any bad meal can be fixed. Unless it’s overcooked chicken — then forgetaboutit. And if you royally screwed up baking, you can forget about that too. There is no way to undo the burnt crust, the accidental mix up of salt and sugar that happens at least once in every household.


Animal homes are probably one of the easiest things to fix because they don’t need to look pretty. Almost any material can build or mend a roughed up coop, hutch, pen, etc. And this brings me to my next point…these little furry ones.

Our secret stash of curbside goods.

Repurpose items.

I gotta give some props to The Beard because he is really good at this one. I think his creativity may be rivaling my own and it makes me jealous. So I have to let you all know he has some rather grand ideas sometimes.

Worn out clothing can be reused.

Think animal beds, new throw pillows, cleaning rags, woven rugs, reusable grocery bags. Old clothing can do it all. It can even be used as toilet paper when you’re in a super pinch. It better be a really big pinch.

More plants.

Because they are my obsession and I don’t know if I could ever have enough. Now only if I could find someone to take care of them for free while I stare admiringly at my plant children. Take clippings from current plants and start propagating. Then, either re-pot for personal use or sell those babies and you might just have a full tank of gas.

Glass jars.

My favorite item to repurpose because it can be so versatile. Use to bottle homemade wine, dry food storage, a new plant’s home, a drinking glass, a shelf trinket, glass jars and bottles are amazing!

Furniture, specifically dressers and armoires.

This one is super fun because you can let your creative juices flow. A classy adult bar? Hell yes! Turn it into a nightstand, a bathroom vanity, a food pantry, a kitchen island. Or get greedy and sell it for cash. A couple days closer to your dream homestead.

You get my point. Be creative when you don’t have what you need or you find hidden or forgotten gems that just have a story waiting to be put on glorious display.




Rain water.

This one can be really beneficial when your garden is really far from the house or like us, you don’t have an outside spigot. Learning to harvest rain water isn’t only saving you money, it will save you backbreaking labor from carrying all those heavy buckets of water splashing all over your clothing.

FullSizeR (71).jpg
Yes there are some more lionhead bunnies in the car.

Limit trips to town.

If you’re like me and advertisements get you swooning and the thrill of a deal gets you energized, then you really need to stay out of town. Don’t go near stores. Have your husband do the grocery shopping. Whatever it takes to keep you far away from the sale racks and from spending frivolous money, do it. And don’t be ashamed. Marketers target us. They know who we are. They put fancy, flashing sidebars on our computer screens, send emails of pretty home decor, and of course send you junk mail coupons. Resist the urge! We can fight it together!

Walmart really isn’t that easy to stick to a list. They pay people to subconsciously force yourself into thinking you need to buy and item immediately, and not just one. You walk into the grocery store and realize that one kind of ice cream isn’t good enough — you need 4 gallons. Or that floral dress over there is just calling your name, begging for a night out.

There are very few times we actually go into a store and don’t pick up anything extra.

Stay out of the stores and they will stay out of your wallets. And that goes for online store buying too! Personally, not a big fan. But I know there are some of you out there loving every new item popping up on Amazon. And that’s okay. Just don’t buy it.


I thought I should list off a few that are pretty self explanatory and I’m sure your sick of me babbling by now but they are definitely worth mentioning and don’t worry — I’ll keep it short.

Exercise for entertainment. Walk the dogs. Run. Play with the kids.

Compost. Just do it!

Recycle. And not just in the recycling bin. Try using old glass jars and coffee cans for projects on the homestead.

Hang your clothes on a clothesline. Go old fashioned like yo grandma! Holla!

Don’t be embarrassed. Embrace secondhand.

Have a shower for two! Because I heard water consumption is a really big problem in our world. 😉 But seriously, water consumption is a huge problem! (It takes over 1,800 gallons of water just to grow the cotton for a new pair of jeans.) Did I mention I love secondhand?

Be proactive about your health and your animals’ health. It will save you hefty vet and doctor bills that NO ONE likes to pay. Who can even figure out health insurance anyway?

Sell your excess. Whether it’s homemade soap, baked goods, jellies, honey, produce, wheat, animals, crafts, clothing — sell it and your bank account will thank me. High-five.

Seed saving. Ya it’s a thing and I haven’t mastered it yet. Those of you ahead of me, I bow down to you.

Make your own holiday decorations. It will be fun for you and your family. Honestly, the marketing and advertisement businesses can think up any holiday to make you spend more money. Just do it yourself. It’s not like decorations go out of style.

Cook from scratch. I think this tip is listed on just about every frugal living article I have read. We do it and rarely ever purchase processed, prepackaged food.

I’m sure there are so many tips brewing a storm in your minds on way to save a little cash. I want to hear them! Leave a tip in the comments section! And keep working towards that perfect homestead.

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