Frugal Things to do With Friends Besides Going Out to Eat or Drink

Being frugal doesn’t mean you can’t have friends or you have to succumb to a boring life. I’ve compiled a list of fun things to do with friends, kids, or your spouse. And most of them are FREE, if not all of them.

For the outdoor adventure seekers and nature lovers

We’re hardcore adventure seekers.  We love traveling. Hiking is kind of our thing. And our dogs are like precious little cherubs to us and they will be included all hours of the day.

Go on a walk.

Go hiking.

Take your dog to the dog park.

Go kayaking at a local lake. Ours rent out for $8 an hour by us. And that’s plenty of time.

Have a picnic in the park.

Repot your plants. Share your clippings.

Play basketball.

Have a good old fashioned adult slip N slide. Because no one hates a slip N slide.

For the girlie girls

Get your makeup ready and your duck face on. It’s beauty boot camp time. High heels are required. And cheap prom dresses on the agenda.

Give each other a mani or pedi.

Do some homemade facials or masks.

Have a dance party.

Have a photo shoot. Backdrop and all. Left over gift wrap works perfect for this.

Instagram scavenger hunt.

img_6692For the crafty and creative

Because inside every Bohemian are a couple flowers just waiting to blossom. We’re all artists. Pablo Picasso is within you. 

Purchase a macrame pattern from Reform Fibers and try it together. OR go on YouTube to find a DIY video.

Scrapbook together.

Make a birthday present for someone.

Sew a couple boho inspired pillow cases.

Tailor a thrift store find into a completely new piece.

Wrap holiday gifts together using newspaper, twine, and pine needles.

For the techies

I did not inherit the technology gene. I will leave that to my mechanical engineer brother. And I’m sure he could give you way better ideas here but I’ll try my best.

Play video games together.

Make a throwback mixed CD. I still miss all my old ones!

Build a website together.

Create the best anime character.

Design an app.

Create a virtual scavenger hunt.

FullSizeRenderFor the handyman/women in us all

What we do day in and day out. We’ll let you take the reins on this one. Have fun. Demo that shit. Just make sure you can pay for all bills and medical expenses. I’m kidding. But seriously save the wine for after your projects.

Build pretty much anything. A plant bench. A coffee table. kitchen cabinets. A bathroom vanity. Anything.

Make vintage signs from leftover wood.

Redo some furniture. Dressers are super fun to add a little flare.

Reupholster an old wing back chair.

For the foodies

Because we all need to eat. And dammit. I like talking about food just as much as I like eating it.

Bake desserts together.

Have a wine and cheese night.

Master Chef night. Each of you create a dish to bring. Then you try them all to see whose is best. No voting for yourself.

Make some homemade jam or jelly.

For the fashionistas

Release the inner diva. We all have it. I’ve seen it come out in the best and worst of ways sometimes. Embrace it tonight. Channel your Gisele Bundchen. Go on. Be a bad bitch. We love it.

Go to a thrift store or resale shop and dress each other up.

Have a costume party in the middle of July.

Create a runway show. Judges. Hair. Clothes. All of it.

IMG_3921For the party animals

Every now and then we need to let our wild side out. Drinks and music bring out the best in us. Or did I get that backwards? Anyways, most of us need it here and there. ‘Girl put your records on, tell me your favorite song, go and let your hair down.’

Have a beer olympics. Everyone bring a 30 pack of cheap beer. You’re gonna need a lot.

Whiskey tasting party.

Bring your own cocktail party.

Have a bonfire with music.

Everyone loves karaoke.


Having friends doesn’t have to be expensive. Forget the late nights at the bar, the dinner dates, and shopping trips. Go on. Be creative.

What frugal ideas do you have for hanging out with friends?

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