Frugal Tips for Your Beauty Face and Cosmetics

alysa-bajenaru-100618Ever wonder how toiletries add up at the store? First thing you know, you’re checking out a few items that cost $10… then the toiletries start rolling in and somehow that bill goes from $10 to well over $100 and you start grabbing the cash register belt screaming at it to stop.

Your beauty products may be the culprit.

So how do we keep our toiletry bill down? Because honestly I hate the dreaded trip to the store for new cosmetics, showering products, and beauty supplies. I’ll let you in on a few secrets we use to keep more money in our pockets when it comes to makeup.

I’m not here to judge you on how much makeup you use, or what products are best, I’m just sharing a few ideas how we save a lot of money on cosmetics.

First and foremost, limit the amount of products you use. 

Really, you don’t need an entire tackle box of makeup to make you look runway ready. And if you’re living on a homestead or farm, the chickens aren’t gonna mind if you’re sporting a smokey eye or a rosy cheek.

Red, purple, green, or nude lipstick. I mean how many times do you wear that stuff? Unless you have more parties to go to than Kylie Jenner. I find chapstick does the job for cracked lips. Otherwise, I go all natural.

I’ve paired down my makeup so much that it only consists of 4 items. Partially because The Beard doesn’t like what he calls ‘costume makeup’ and partly because I’m not a full blown makeup model.

Having less items, means I don’t have to spend as much on the occasional eye shadow. Or the unusual pop of color on my lips.

So what do my 4 items consist of? Well, I like to keep it at the bare minimum: a foundation brush, Burt’s Bee’s foundation powder, Burt’s Bee’s BB Cream, and Elf Mascara.

freestocks-org-209883Opt for the less expensive options.

You will not die from a lack of Sephora or Ulta. There won’t be an apocalypse if you don’t have your beloved Dior mascara. Drug store cosmetics will do just fine.

I love Burt’s Bee’s for a couple reasons. First, they are mostly all natural products. So, I feel like I’m putting better products on my skin, just like I’m putting better food into my body. I also have sensitive skin, prone to break outs, so I like that their products aren’t filled with hundreds of chemicals and suspect ingredients.

They are also more eco-friendly because they are natural. And their prices aren’t too expensive but they give me the quality I’m looking for and they work really well.

Wear makeup less often.

I’m not saying you should be like me and only wear makeup like 3 times a month, but it isn’t a requirement every day. I know too many women that have to be in full getup party ready to just walk out of the house and get the mail. Unless you’re trying to attract the farmer boy next door, then by all means.

I try to throw a little bit of mascara on more often because The Beard probably doesn’t want to look at a scruffed up bum every day. But, support a ‘Make-up Free Monday’ or a ‘Fresh Faced Friday.’

Also, speaking of using less, your face does not need to be caked with makeup. I know most men don’t like a caked face and they say they like a ‘natural-no-make-up-look’ but what they really mean is natural looking makeup. Lessen how much you use when you apply your makeup. It will go further and last longer.

joanna-kosinska-346609Make your own makeup.

So I haven’t tried this one. Mostly because I’m scared what it will do to my face. Like I said, I am prone to acne flair ups and I would like to keep that to a minimum. And because I tried that all natural shampoo with baking soda and apple cider vinegar and I wound up with scalp psoriasis. Not fun. I’m still a little out on this one but try this Foundation Powder by Live Simply or A Natural Liquid Foundation by Wellness Mama if you’re braver than I.


How do you save on expensive beauty products?

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