How to Host Friends for the Holidays on a Frugal Budget

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We really are just like anyone else. Well, not exactly but we like to have friends too. And friends don’t always fit into that frugal budget. I mean we want to have a homestead before we retire. But how do we host friends for the holidays without blowing our monthly budget on one night? Fancy cocktails, exquisite finger sized appetizers, and upscale dresses surely won’t fit into that.

It’s easy! You have a Cheap Asses Party!

We are having our 1st Annual Holiday Cheap Assess Party (HCAP) next weekend. And we couldn’t be more excited.

In our 576 sq ft home, we’re hosting 9 or 10 people. Hopefully no one is claustrophobic. And we would be asking more if we could accommodate any more.

And what exactly does a HCAP consist of?

There are 3 requirements:

brooke-lark-175184You must bring cheap alcohol.

Unless you don’t drink. We don’t judge. But I will definitely be doing my fair share of boxed wine chugging.

It is a party after all and no good party happened without it. Just kidding — well kind of. And we’re childless thus far so we gotta live up our drinking years.

Beer. Wine. Vodka. We’re talking bottom shelf people. If it has a name on it, we’re gonna have to ask you to leave. Maybe you got some shooters for your birthday. Or you have a half empty bottle of brandy that has been — we’ll call it ‘aging’ for two years under the sink — bring that!

We ain’t classy. That’s the point.

jill-heyer-189419Bring something to share from your pantry.

No you cannot go out and buy one damn thing. Your dish calls for butter but you don’t have any butter. Well, if your neighbor doesn’t have any butter either — looks like the dish isn’t gonna have any either.

It needs to be in your pantry. Half empty bags of chips are totally acceptable. 3 Oreo cookies and a box of saltines — yep you’re admitted.

Leave your high status at the door.

The point is to not give a shit.

It’s about having fun. Not about the most expensive high end meat and cheese tray you bought. Or your fancy smancy cocktail dress you bought at whatever designer store.

Wearing thrifted clothing is a bonus. It’s eco-friendly and shows your bad ass confidence.

This party isn’t about being one of the Joneses. In fact, it despises everything the Joneses are known for.

We’re inviting you because we like your company, not because of how expensive your outfit was or how exotic your appetizer is. We like you — not your food or your clothes. Well, maybe. We might like all three but it isn’t about impressing anyone. It’s about being around good people and having fun.

It’s about laughing your asses off because someone came in with 2 pickles and a couple slices of Velvetta cheese on a plate. And you best believe someone is gonna eat that damn cheese and my husband will be the first to eat a pickle.


So ya, maybe we’ll have a headache in the morning or someone will be face hugging the toilet. But we’ll have fun! Isn’t the holidays about creating memories and being around the people you love and enjoy most?

How do you frugal holiday?


3 thoughts on “How to Host Friends for the Holidays on a Frugal Budget

  1. This post gave me a great laugh first thing in the morning, thanks!

    I couldn’t agree more with the essence of this post. To come together and have fun! We are hosting a small New Years eve (best view in town) and will be following many of the same rules. Old clothes encouraged, bring nothing but smiles!

    Happy and peaceful holiday wishes.

    1. Love it! I’m sure you’ll be provided with more laughs throughout the next year from memories of your party

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