The Reveal: Our AirBnB Cabin


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We finished adding the trim since this picture last fall. I can’t wait to decorate it for spring!

So, it’s been a long couple weeks working on this thing. But we are so excited to share it with you!

We originally built our shed/shop as a storage place for our tools and tables when we were building our tables at home and kept the business a home business.

When we stumbled upon a contractor bay renting out for next to nothing — we had to take it. We quickly outgrew our storage shed within weeks and needed space fast. Not to mention winter was coming and we all know she can be a bitch sometimes.

The next thing on our minds was what to do with our storage shed now that we don’t need it for the business. We opted to build our own because we looked at big box stores and they were charging anywhere from $3,500 – $5,500 for a 10×12 storage shed. Nothing fancy. Low side walls. Not enough windows to let natural light in. They weren’t going work for us.


We checked with our local city to see how big of a building we could build without having to get a permit. Their only restriction was that it couldn’t be bigger than a 10X12. However, they didn’t say there were any restrictions on height. So, we decided with 10 ft high ceilings. We would have gone 12′ if we had a bigger ladder.

For the initial build, it cost us right around $2,000. Much less than the bix box counterparts. Not to mention — double the head space!

But we knew that was way too expensive of a storage building just for keeping animal bedding, food, water, and gardening tools in.

So, we decided we’d turn it into an AirBnB.

And we couldn’t be happier! Just wait for the jaws to drop when you see inside.


Our initial decision on heat was a small wood burning fireplace with a cooktop. It was dual purpose. Used for heating the space and for cooking, since this is an off grid cabin.

After multiple recent house fires near us, we decided this is something we could forgo and maybe add later. Because though we may know and educate ourselves on how to use a wood burning stove, our guests from AirBnB might not. And that isn’t a risk we are willing to take right now. (But we are renovating our house this spring and summer and we plan to install a wood burner).

So candles under a mantle will have to suffice for the ambiance. And we think it does a fine job. If it is too cold, we will provide an electric heater for our guests.


Did I mention the loft?! So giddy how this turned out! It’s so cozy!


The kitchen has a water jug for hand washing and food prep. We are providing a grill and outdoor propane camping stove for cooking, if our guests would like to enjoy a meal in the cabin. We will provide fruits, milk, oats, cereal, and coffee/tea for our guests.


This is a place to unwind and maybe play a few games. We’re providing shot glasses, wine glasses, board games, and a deck of cards for you to enjoy. And I think I forgot to mention all the books on books on books there are.


And our solar lights we ordered off Amazon, are to die for! They are perfect for our space and add just enough light.

Of course, you also get to enjoy our rabbits, chickens and our duck too! We provide sunflower seeds to feed to the chickens as a treat and hay for our rabbits.



Would you spend a weekend here?


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  1. This is beautiful! What an amazing space for guests. We actually have a little barn apartment we lived in while we built our home and have been toying with putting it up on air bnb. Love seeing others diving in. (New reader – found you on FB. Excited to follow along.)

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