Why We Thrift

shanna-camilleri-190745-unsplashFor the most part, it’s me who is scouring over the endless rows of thrift store shelves. But then again, The Beard lets me do it.

His thrifting comes in when we are looking for barn wood, reclaimed wood, and anything else we can use to build furniture.

He is actually the one that spotted our accent wall for our AirBnB. Then I started screaming, “Just buy it all! Buy it all!” As I wave my hand like I can afford anything I fancy. But you know damn well, we weren’t gonna pay what they were asking.

I must admit, when I or The Beard spot a good vintage find, I am 2000% in. I will throw some bows if need be. I will hide things in the dark corners until I can come back for them with a shopping cart big enough for it all (you know we have all been there). And I will slap peoples wrists who reach into my cart at check out and say, ‘Oh this is cute!’

But I like to think of myself as a nice person, so I keep those instances to a minimum.

jazmin-quaynor-84021-unsplashThrifting is my addiction

Honestly, the hardest part about thrifting is keeping me out of the stores. People binge on Netflix like I binge on thrift stores.

And then, I found out what style The Beard likes and how I can put my bohemian touch on it and he will still like it. I stumbled upon our combined styles while designing our AirBnB. It’s super rustic cabin with a little bohemian glam twist. Oh and plants. Lots of plants. (My second addiction). So naturally, I have the urge to buy more stuff! And if you haven’t checked it out, you should plan a stay-cation, a vacation, or a month long trip to The Homestead Loft.

And if you just want to gawk over it, check out Our AirBnB Reveal.

This spring/summer, we are planning to completely demo our little 567 sq ft house down to the studs. And you know what that means — MORE THRIFTING!!! Well, and lots of work for The Beard. I’ll be out shopping. Oops!

Other than our AirBnB, I have really tried to back off the shopping because honestly, I don’t know where I would put everything. We are going to have to fit our two huge dogs, two cats, and the two of us in less than 140 sq ft while we fix our house up.

neonbrand-441844Thrifting is environmentally friendly

I’m all about those animals, plants, and non-toxic chemicals!

We have saved thousands of pounds of secondhand goods from going into the landfills, dirtying up our ground water and polluting our waterways.

We have given second or fifth lives to the items in our home and cabin. I like how the Chinese see imperfections as the beauty of things. Chips, scratches, dents, and cracked pieces have character. They’ve survived stories and memories. And somewhere hidden in those beautiful gems — they have a story of their own. They are the flies on the walls, we all wish we could have been.

Our society has become so consumable that items are thrown away, donated, or left in a closet after less than 3 months. Not only is this wasteful, it’s also causing toxic chemicals to leach into the air from production of these cheaply made products. But I’m not trying to start a debate here.

Thrifting saves the trees

This may not be true for all of us, but us wood workers know a thing or two about how much wood furniture uses. Logging has become a serious problem in California, Oregon, Washington, and several other places causing mudslides and other natural disasters.

Sometimes, I think we forget how much oxygen us billions of humans need. It takes more than a couple dozen trees.

There is plenty of reclaimed wood and scrap wood to keep all of us DIYers, home builders, and craftsmen happy for a couple years. Not everything needs to be brand new.

And honestly, the wood from 100 years ago is actually a lot better quality than what is produced today. Not to mention the character behind every worm hole, nail hole, cross, and worn out edge. But then, we’re just crazy wood people talking!

By the end of this year, we hope to convert our business into 100% reclaimed lumber furniture. We also want to start using eco-friendly, plant based stains, paints, and polyurethanes. It’s our mission to better our environment, one table at a time.


Thrifting is a frugal person’s best friend

We’re all about being cheap asses here. I’m talking beans and rice is high dollar. Every item in our closet has been thrifted except our undergarments, business shirts, and tennis shoes. And we plan to keep it that way.

Homesteading and furniture building can really wear on clothing and we can’t justify the environmental repercussions or the financial strain of purchasing everything brand new. Our clothing gets beat to hell, honestly. There are holes, stains, paint, and animal shit on our clothing within days of purchasing them. And let’s just put it this way, the girl who works at our local Mexican restaurant knows we work hard for our money because we are always looking like scrubs with paint on our faces and dirty finger nails.

Not only that, but thrift stores have some bomb ass shit ya’ll. I’m no name brander but if you’re into that thing — I’ve found Banana Republic, Gap, J. Crew, Hollister, American Eagle, and a lot more that I didn’t even know where name brand because high end fashion isn’t really my main obsession.

And hell, I also get to have a dream house on a penny pincher budget. Curbside finds are NOT below me. In fact, I beg The Beard to take me junkin’ to see what we can find. Dressers, tables, entertainment centers, I want it all! Anything free on Craigslist or Facebook — we will take it. And if it isn’t free, that’s when I bring in the big guns, The Beard.

He’s all about that bottom dollar and I thank him for it! The things he has taught me about money. I would have claimed bankruptcy 6 times already if it wasn’t for him.

So I’m not gonna get all preachy-preachy, but I think we should all thrift. There are so many good things already out there. And we really don’t need the best of the best all the time when we have kids and pets to break things, tear things, and stain things. I don’t even know why they make white carpet.

Thrifting can help reduce our carbon footprint. We can’t all be living on 10.6 earths! Someone has to stop the big businesses from producing all that waste and toxic chemicals just to feed our addiction of consumerism. Our landfills are getting bigger, our oceans are getting more polluted, and as far as I know — we aren’t gaining oceans or land anymore. Don’t even get me started on global warming.

Why do you thrift?

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