5 Reasons to have a Wood Burning Stove

radek-grzybowski-67609-unsplashLet’s talk wood.

The Beard + I are getting ready to completely demo our house this spring. We might also possibly be bribing friends with free beer and pizza to help us. Bribery is a completely acceptable strategy when purchasing a fixer upper 🙂 and getting things done.

We have been talking about getting a wood burner for quite some time! And I thought I would write about the reasons we want to purchase a wood burner. Maybe you can see too if a wood burning stove is for you.

Honestly, we might not totally be on the same page yet, about what type of wood burner. But we know we want one! I want the full on stove/oven/cooktop wood burner. While The Beard, well, he wants just a traditional wood burner with a glass door for the ambiance.

Here are a few reasons we’re definitely going with a wood burner when we remodel our house.

connor-jalbert-306179-unsplashIt will be our main source of heat

This is the most obvious of reasons, but it needs mentioning.

Our house currently has a furnace, but it’s over 20 years old now. We don’t want to push it through another hard winter of negative degree weather.

Not to mention, our heating bill was over $160 for a 567 sq ft house!!!! We’re hoping this wood burner and some new insulation will help solve that issue.

The furnace isn’t running poorly or malfunctioning, but we will use the furnace as a back up heat source. And the wood stove would be our primary source of heat.

jens-johnsson-471362-unsplashIt is dual purpose

I want a wood burner that has a cook top and an oven. Our house is only 570 sq ft. Anything that we can make multi-purpose is a win-win.

We can cook on it, bake in it, and heat our entire tiny house! Keeping us nice and toasty as I warm up some hot water for our coffee in the mornings.

But even if we don’t go for the whole shebang, I at least want one that has 1 or 2 burners on the top in case I want to make some of our food that way or heat up water for coffee and tea.


The ambiance

Okay — second to a heat source, this is the next most obvious one. But we could seriously just stare at wood burners all day if we could.

We will probably opt for one with a glass door for this sole purpose. The crackling, the red and blue waves, the cozy feeling — ya we’re going all for that cabin vibe.

How romantic would it be to eat chocolate dipped strawberries, sipping on champagne, and cuddling up with your special someone. It’s like Valentine’s Day every day of the year. Well, at least when it’s cold out.

jaime-spaniol-109084-unsplashIt’s self-sufficient

This is probably the main reason we want to switch to a wood burning stove. Every day on the homestead, we are working towards self-sufficiency.

It’s very empowering knowing that you can support yourself if need be.

We don’t need to call a furnace guy when our furnace breaks down mid-winter. Or the power lines get taken out. There isn’t a hefty bill every month from heating costs, unless you count the man power it takes to keep wood chopped.

And if we can cook on it, we will still be able to feed ourselves if the power goes out.

clem-onojeghuo-201645-unsplashIt provides a workout

Like there really aren’t enough chores to do on the homestead to keep you working all day. But seriously, chopping wood is some hard work. It took me about 50 swings before I chopped my first piece of wood.

You’re sweating and huffing and puffing and looking ever so sexy, but what a better way to warm your body when the temperatures dip below zero.

(P.S. This is also a great chore for teenage boys)


I believe all of our basic needs are necessities, but if we rely on others to provide those for us — we risk safety and security.

When our basic needs can’t be provided by those people, we fall victim to crime and sickness.

We need to set up how we can provide our basic needs before we actually need them. It’s still okay to not provide everything for yourself, but working towards a goal of self sufficiency is liberating knowing that if need be, you can take care of yourself and your family.

Would you choose a wood burner?

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons to have a Wood Burning Stove

  1. I agree with you! I really cannot imagine living in a forever home without a woodstove. It feels so fragile and risky to rely on (in our case) electricity and the heat from a local remote-heating facility. If anything happened, we’d have nothing but blankets and multiple layers of wool in the middle of winter.

    Have you ever considered a rocket stove? They take up a bit of space, but they use clay and other materials to store much more of the heat from the fire, as opposed to chucking a lot of it out through the chimney. I am sure some of the same principles can be applied if the whole getup is too large. Especially if you want a baking oven, which in itself is a large heat storage unit.

    1. Yeah we’ve heard of them but i think it might be too big for our needs. We know that uses a lot less wood though which would be nice!

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