Seedlings + AirBnB

daiga-ellaby-154927-unsplashI know I’ve already been talking about spring being here in a couple previous posts but honestly, I can’t tell you how exciting spring really is. Fresh flowers, fresh produce, animals upon animals, warm weather, bonfires, farmer’s markets. I could go on. And like Jo Dee Messina says — “BRING ON THE RAAAAAAAIN” (except for entirely different reasons).

So it’s been a short minute since my last post. I apologize to all of you who read this. I fail to stay on schedule. I fail to write when I haven’t written in a month or so. And sometimes I can’t think of what to write about. Always in mass chaos.

And I’ll tell you one reason why I’ve been MIA. AirBnB. That’s all I have to say…

I’m sure you all didn’t believe that because I always have way more to say than I should.

March was our first month on AirBnB and it has been crazy!!!! I’m talking inquiries at 2am. Getting the sheets changed five minutes before our next guests show up. And forgetting to take a shower for a week at a time. Because I can’t keep up.

This is not to say I’m condemning AirBnB. By no means am I doing that.

In fact, I’m praising them.

Resized_IMG_20180402_215311_298When we first listed The Homestead Loft, I thought we would be lucky to get a few weekends booked.

HA! I’m dragging my ass I’m so tired from all the work. But let me tell you, ain’t no way our bank account is complaining.

We were booked 17 out of the 31 days!! And I even scheduled a few days off so The Beard and I could travel down to Missouri.

It was crazy. I’m still playing catch up. Trying to buy extra sheets, going to the laundromat to dry the comforters, and keeping the propane in stock for the heater.

I’ve been at Wal-Mart so many times in the past month, I should be an honorary employee, which I’d gladly accept the employee discount.

But the best part about AirBnB is all the amazing people you get to meet. So far we’ve had people from California, Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa.

We are even getting booking for stay-cations. A sign telling us were doing something right!

And we haven’t even hit peak season. Who knows what that’s going to be like but bring it on! We’re hoping campfires will be a hit this summer. S’mores anyone? Or maybe it will be just me going solo stuffing my face with chocolate and marshmallows. In which case, no pictures please.

We’re definitely going to put a wood burning stove in for next winter. It’s only been a month and our guests have used over 30 mini propane tanks! Not their fault — I blame the cold weather. But those propane tanks are expensive and aren’t sustainable. Not to mention the questionable looks I get from Walmart employees when I bring 10 containers of propane to the counter. No, I’m not planning anything radical.

And the ambiance of a wood burning stove is kind of hard to beat. Secretly, I’ll be blocking off dates just so The Beard and I can enjoy ourselves in our little getaway cabin. There will be plenty if alcohol, chocolates, cheese, and crackers.


The AirBnB of course isn’t the only thing keeping us busy. I mean we have more irons in the fire than a juggler can handle. Sometimes, I think we’re totally bat shit crazy but we love every minute of it. Including our nap times. And you think I’m kidding. It’s a real thing.

Even in college, I scheduled my classes so I could have a nap mid-day.

Resized_IMG_20180407_164814_004So what else are we adding besides running a furniture business, starting an AirBnB, and raising animals?

It’s spring and I’m so damn sick of going to the grocery store, along with the cold weather and snow. Its takes almost a half hour to get there. So that means I’ll be planting anything and everything that is edible for us to consume.

The Beard and I are really working hard to be as self sufficient as possible.

I’ve started seedlings. We’ve got some laying hens, and we’ve been building garden boxes — crossing our fingers for the most abundant summer yet.

With 8 different tomato plants and 7 different pepper plants, I’m sure we’ll be puking up tomatoes and peppers by the end of the summer. And you best believe I’m going to force The Beard and I to eat more because ain’t a single cherry tomato going to waste on this homestead.

Resized_20180409_180355We’re talking serious business this year. Fresh, canning, roasting, dehydrating, freezing. Anything to preserve the bounty. This season calls for a WAR GARDEN!!!

And if that isn’t enough, were going to completely demo our house down to the studs this summer. Thanks to The Beard — he has his work cut out for him. I keep his calendar full at all times. I married a winner!

Who am I kidding when I say ‘we’ are going to demo the house? AKA The Beard is going to be demoing the house. Crossing my fingers that it’s done before winter returns to us with the kiss of frost bite on our lips. But at least if the wood burner is in, I’ll be a happy girl!

What’s your crazy homestead look like at the beginning of spring?

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