How to Afford the Homestead in the Beginning

Honestly, I have seen so many chicken coops that look more glamorous than our house. I've even see immaculate vegetable gardens that are larger than our entire property. And articles about massive farming equipment that is absolutely necessary. But homesteading isn't just about the size of your homestead. And it doesn't matter how big or … Continue reading How to Afford the Homestead in the Beginning

11 Ways to Start Becoming Self-Sufficient

Spring has finally hailed down from the gods and it's time we talk about being self-sufficient. Not like self-sufficiency doesn't happen in winter, but if you're new to this thing like we are (just beginning year 2) -- you need a spring and summer to prepare you for the winter. Because winter can totally suck, … Continue reading 11 Ways to Start Becoming Self-Sufficient

Serious Chicken Coops

Let's get serious about chickens for a second. But really who can get serious about chickens when they're your 24 hour entertainment? I'll tell you when -- the morning after a raccoon, a possum, a weasel, or a mink arrives to slay every chicken you've ever owned and then some. So, of course, nothing is … Continue reading Serious Chicken Coops

Seedlings + AirBnB

I know I've already been talking about spring being here in a couple previous posts but honestly, I can't tell you how exciting spring really is. Fresh flowers, fresh produce, animals upon animals, warm weather, bonfires, farmer's markets. I could go on. And like Jo Dee Messina says -- "BRING ON THE RAAAAAAAIN" (except for … Continue reading Seedlings + AirBnB

Why We’re Choosing Garden Boxes

"I grow plants for many reasons: to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty, nostalgia, but mostly for the joy of seeing them grow." - David Hobson Gardening. My most favorite spring/summer activity. My also worst talent. Spring is calling my name. I've eaten at the nuts I … Continue reading Why We’re Choosing Garden Boxes

5 Reasons to have a Wood Burning Stove

Let's talk wood. The Beard + I are getting ready to completely demo our house this spring. We might also possibly be bribing friends with free beer and pizza to help us. Bribery is a completely acceptable strategy when purchasing a fixer upper 🙂 and getting things done. We have been talking about getting a … Continue reading 5 Reasons to have a Wood Burning Stove

Self Care on the Homestead

READ TIME: 7 MINUTES Ladies -- homesteading takes a lot of work. Way more than others will acknowledge that know nothing about homesteading. And living on a frugal homestead can just add to the workload. We're talking shovels instead of tractors, refilling water instead of electric heated bowls, adding yet another layer of bedding, repaired … Continue reading Self Care on the Homestead