Wooden Mosaics

We are The Beard + The Bohemian. We create everything from headboards to wall art and tables with our mosaic designs. Our mosaics are typically made out of local barn wood. We can also stain or paint any color. We offer custom designs and sizes. Contact us for special pricing.


The Apache”

Dimensions 4’L x 2’W

The Originals” 

dimensions 4’L x 2’W

dimensions 4’L x 2’W

“The Hay Field”IMG_0690dimensions 4’L x 2’W

“Juniper’s Star”IMG_0735

“Ivy’s Desert”IMG_0728


“The White Desert”

IMG_1111.jpg“The Tuscan Sun”IMG_1170

“The White Sahara”

“The High Sierra”IMG_0256“The White Desert”IMG_1111.jpg“The Aztec”

“The Rust” Collection

“The Sahara”

“The Blaze”


Contact for custom designs at thebeardandthebohemian@gmail.com